Sunday, July 5, 2020

Coronavirus: what should be your next plan.

There are two main questions about the coronavirus, what should we do and what can we do? What should be the ideal situation and what can we do in practice? We have to go somewhere between these two and make our policies. Governments should take care of this point and we should think about it individually. Let's make it clear. 

The best way to protect people from the coronavirus and prevent it is to keep everyone confined to their homes. Corona came in from outside with patients. The point is to keep all these patients and potential patients away from other healthy people. 

The best and simplest solution is to impose a curfew. If no one leaves the house, how will they get it? The ideal solution is to impose curfew in the country for two or three weeks. In the meantime, anyone who has the coronavirus will complete his life cycle and disappear on his own. Thus, in two to three weeks, the bacterium called coronavirus will disappear from Pakistan. 

This option exists, some people are talking in favor of it, but should it be done? Not. The imposition of curfew in Pakistan will lead to the death of thousands of people, but more than the loss of life, God forbid, there will be such a terrible public reaction that the curfew has to be lifted immediately, then what will we do? The point is, more than the ideal solution, we have to look at what we can do in our objective situation. We have to move towards a workable plan.

That is the lockdown or semi-lockdown. The current situation of lockdown could lead to the starvation of millions of people. A large number of people in Pakistan live below the poverty line, but more or less the same number live a little above this poverty line. There are millions and even millions of people whose livelihood depends on their daily work. It is not just about the workers, the day laborers. 

There are countless day laborers in various fields. Millions are just salesmen. Shop owners are in crisis, where will they pay their salaries? There are millions of small shopkeepers, there were five to seven thousand sales a day, out of which one thousand fifteen hundred made a profit, which kept the house afloat. 

Shops have been closed and business closed for the past eight days, at least for the next week. Lockdown has been extended which is possible. In such a situation, if they stay at home for another ten to fifteen days, will they eat? Lower middle class or lower middle class in Pakistan is not in lakhs but crores. 

White-clad people with an income of thirty to forty thousand who can't even reach out to anyone and can barely maintain their illusions. In this crisis, unfortunately, all kinds of government and non-government packages, welfare organizations, and individuals The whole focus of the helpers is on the lower class. For those who need bread, the priority is to provide them with rations. That's right, but the lower middle class is always under pressure and crisis.

 No one gets up to help them. No one thinks that so-and-so's shop is closed, not working, how is it going? There are two purposes for stating this detail, one is to take care of such white-clad people on your right and left. Allah has been gracious to you, you will be collecting rations around your house, in the neighborhood, or for a poor family you know. 

Do so, but also think that in this hour of difficulty the lower middle-Class people are also upset. You will also draw some of your attention to them. Everyone is hungry, children want food for everyone, if a white-clad family has its illusions, share it.

Deliver some cash to their home in a good way instead of a bag of rations. The Almighty will repay your every effort many times over. Have full faith in the generosity of this great being. The government should take two or three steps as a priority.

 One is to release funds quickly. More action is needed now than announcements, tweets, catchy slogans. With each passing day, the plight of the poor is increasing. Welfare organizations have a good network. Al-Khidmat has distributed rations worth over Rs 34 crore in the last few days. 

In the same way, the fraternity is working on the concept of mohawk at the level of the mahalla, other organizations are also working in their way. Get data from these organizations and deliver the money quickly to deserving people. Brotherhood and service data can be trusted. 

Immediately reach a few lakh households, even if only four thousand, but should reach. More than four thousand household rations will come, they will be saved from starvation. 

The second major benefit is deferring utility bills by one month. This will be a big step, a large amount of money will not be able to be deposited in the government treasury, but in this time of the disaster, people are not able to pay the bills. 

Not only the lower class but also the middle class is suffering badly. Just look at one sector where a large number of people across the country were making a living through the cream, etc. Now that the taxi service is closed, these people have gone home in a few weeks. 

Their expenses are not over. Whoever has to pay the installment of the car, he will also have to pay on time, otherwise, the bank will confiscate the car. Something should also be thought of for such people.

It will be easier if SBP offers a one and a half month discount on car installments from banks. Also, please stay away from the curfew option. Imran Khan's position is correct that Pakistan is not Europe or America where one can easily go for an option like lockdown. 

There it is easy for the governments to reach the deserving people as everyone's data is in front. The biggest problem in Pakistan is the identity of the deserving people. In the days before the lockdown, it would have been easier today if some data had been quietly collected. Dozens of people gather daily in various busy squares of big cities to work. 

These are hardworking people, not beggars, who go to their homes daily. Laborers, painters, shifters, and so on. If they had the data, they could have helped millions of day laborers across the country in this ordeal of lockdown. 

I don't know what the government plans to do to find them but on our rotten administrative structure. If left unchecked, there will be a lot of problems. 

The Prime Minister has announced the formation of Corona Tiger Force, it is welcome, I wish this step would have been taken a few days ago. People looted, I fear there could be more such incidents in the coming days. God save us from curfew if we feel hungry people will come in front of guns. 

So keep the curfew option out of your mind, change the lock down that is going on, so that unnecessary interactions are stopped, but a few more areas can be traded. For example, all the shops offering Easy Pay, Mobile Load, Net Package are closed. 

This decision was not required. Millions of people are involved in this sector, with the slightest precautionary condition they could work. Making easy money is also needed at this time. In these difficult days, if you should help someone with fewer resources, a relative, or someone in your hometown, how do you do it? The poor do not have bank accounts. 

Therefore, many people are not able to help even though they want to. Easy money shops should be opened by the provincial governments. A large number of people will have closed jobs. 

Nowadays I am watching more news channels, I have noticed that some anchors are regularly worried that hundreds of people are dying every day all over the world while the situation in Pakistan (Alhamdulillah) is better. 

The frustration of the tone is that there is no opportunity to mourn. The media business runs on negative news. If these cabs go, not only curfew but also something else. Governments must take care of the people. Corona must be avoided, the social distance must be maintained, but not all businesses must be closed, people must not starve. 

This is a challenge, of course, but it is possible if it is done properly

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