Sunday, July 5, 2020

Corona virus tracker secretly installed on users' phones? People were shocked and upset

Corona virus tracker

NEW YORK (Monitoring Desk) - To combat the Corona virus, Apple and Google have secretly installed a new feature on people's smartphones to alert people to the Corona virus and contribute to its eradication.But most users are outraged by the way it has been secretly installed on phones.

According to Mail Online, the new function is called 'COVID-19 Exposure Logging', which is installed in phones secretly without the user's consent, but users have control over whether to turn it on or off. has been given.

This feature is installed on both iOS and Android phones, but it is only installed on the phones of users in countries where no specific application has been developed to control the Corona virus. 

These countries include the United States and the United Kingdom. According to the report, this feature will work with tracing applications that users can download from the App Store. 

When users install such an application on their phone and turn on this feature, this feature will alert the user via notification whenever the user is in a place where he is at risk of getting corona virus. ۔ 

This feature is in the privacy option in the settings of iPhones. In Privacy you will see this feature when you go to the Health section. Android phones have been added to Google's section in Android settings.

Consumers say that these features are causing the phone's battery to run out very quickly on the one hand, and on the other hand, it has also reduced the performance of the phones. 

It should be noted that these new features have been installed in iOS and Android on May 20 through a software update. Only those who have updated the software on or after May 20 will have this feature on their phones.

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